FML (the “The Sky Is Falling” edition)

See this?

April 2011 052 

Know what that is? Let me back it up for you:

April 2011 049 

If you guessed "dead, hollowed-out tree trunk", congratulate yourself on being correct!

April 2011 047 

On Easter Sunday, shortly after this –

April 2011 034 

–a wicked thunderstorm ripped through and did this:

April 2011 042 

Yes, Mother Nature, that capricious bitch, must have thought we were becoming a little to optimistic, six weeks after the fire. We've been closely watching the trees in our back yard – where the fire spent most of its time – with interest, wondering whether their leaves would emerge or not. Things don't look promising. Many of the trees where leaves were beginning to come out looked a little, well, droopy. Wilted. Tired. (Just like me.) We suspected that the fire damaged the trees to the point where they might not all survive. We'll know more after a "tree guy" comes to check them out later this week. But if that's what's going on inside the trees we thought were going to survive?


Mama N and her straight-line wind couldn't just drop that weakened tree any old place; no, she she sent it crashing into our dear neighbor's Brand New Fence. The one he just put up because the other one had BURNED DOWN.


And that's not to mention the other huge branch that plummeted to the ground during the same storm. Oh sure, it only took out three of our fence rails in the front of the house, but STILL. Are we done yet? Our house still isn't finished, and now the sky is falling.

If you need me, I'll be over here in the corner, hiding.

It's been three days since that happened, and while we haven't yet begun clean-up, we had pretty much resolved ourselves to the task ahead. We had A Plan. And then guess what happened? Tonight, more rain, a little more wind, and BAM –

April 2011 060 
A branch fell and knocked our mailbox all cockeyed!

More clean-up, more work to do, more money to spend.


But you know what, it will all be fine. Our house is almost done inside – we have new French doors and carpeting. The floors in the family room and kitchen will be done this weekend, the windows will go in next week, the new shed should be up soon. The siding is on out back and just needs to be painted. The dumpster is gone! The new sofa is ready and we're getting a new TV, too – both of which should be delivered within the next couple of weeks. The fence (our fence) is up and looks really good, and I have big plans for planting a bunch of things to make it look pretty outside…

…Right after we fire up the chainsaws and clean up that big-ass tree.

April 2011 044 
 Firewood, anyone?


8 thoughts on “FML (the “The Sky Is Falling” edition)

  1. Absolutley incredible, and more storms headed east.
    Hopefully sooner or later this will all calm down. Can’t even imagine what you all have been dealing with since the fire.
    In other news, this naive, sheltered individual had to look up what FML meant. I am gonna start using it. With gusto.

  2. Holy crap! MN, that’s enough damn stuff for now, thank you. Back off, B_ _ _ h!
    [Maybe now is when you count your blessings, considering what happened in the deep south last night and this AM.] (sigh)

  3. Whoa, reading this late. Well, at least, if your trees are rotted out inside you’re finding out now, when you already have the tree man scheduled. Right? Trying to find the bright side here. Hope all is getting back to normal by now.

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