It’s Field Day Again!

PEEZER WORE HIS EXTRA-FAST SNEAKERS to school today, because it's Field Day. Well, actually, it's more like Field Two Hours, because it isn't a day, it's a couple of hours in the afternoon. But the kid is super-excited for a day of fun and frolic and feats of derring-do.

Back when I was a kid, Field Day was the WHOLE. ENTIRE. DAY. And I hated it. Haaaaaated. I was not athletically gifted. I found no joy in being outside in the searing June sun with a swarm of gnats methodically invading each of my facial orifices (orifi?).

That's not me; it came from But that's sure how it FELT.

Pay a visit to my older blog and read about my tragic run-in with some hurdles on one fateful field day. Suffice it to say, mortification ensued. But, as Soup Husband Curt always says, Comedy = Tragedy + Time, and now that we're three-plus decades removed from that scarring day, I can giggle about it. A little.