Weeds in the flower bed

ANSWER: This is the maximum amount of time between blog posts before BlogHer pulls their ads from your blog.

QUESTION: What is three months, Alex?




Poor neglected posies. Photo from here.

I'm afraid my blog has become something like a neglected flower patch. Oh, it's all fun and exciting in the spring, when it gets warm outside and you get out there with your trowel and your flowery garden gloves and your bug spray and you weed and dig and aerate and prepare the soil for that lovely flat of  impatiens you just bought. You gently tuck them into shallow holes in the earth and pat them securely 'round their roots, then drench them with Miracle Grow-laced water. And the sunshine kisses them and the rain soakes them and they Grow.

 Spring turns into summer and you get Busy and it gets HOT and somehwere along the way, it stops raining. You water your flowers for a while, but then you go away for a week of vacation and forget to ask a neighbor, and by the time you return there are Weeds and their leaves are beginning to shrivel and maybe, just maybe, you decide that this year's impatiens are a lost cause.

And you promise yourself you'll be a more diligent gardener next year.

That's kind of how I'm feeling about my blog. I wrote some good stuff for a few years, but lately I'm not feeling those regular flashes of inspiration that used to drive – no, compel – me to write and spend time on growing my following. I'm not ready to throw in the towel, not yet. Part of the reason I started blogging was so my kids would always have a piece of me, even if all the boxes of mementos were to vanish. So at least, there's that. I also wanted to document for myself my own evolution. It's fun to look back on my early posts and see what was going on.

Also, I've been working more hours and the boys have new activities and there is just SO MUCH TO DO before I get to "write blog post" on my Triage List.

Anyway… I don't care that BlogHer pulled my ads; I was going to dump them anyway, once I got around to it. I was never one of those bloggers who made any kind of income from that. But if you're actually still reading, or you've just been compulsively checking back here, wondering what's become of me, please know, I'm still here. I'm just… refocusing. Recalibrating. Refreshing.

Perhaps I need to spend a little time weeding my inner flower bed. I have neglected to nurture the blossoms in my soul. I must tend to them for a little while longer. I'll pull the weeds that choke them out so they can bathe in sunshine. I'll quench their thirst with some Miracle Gro. Maybe then they'll start to flourish again. And when they do, I'll write about it.

I'm not sure when I'll be back, but I'm not going anywhere. 

4 thoughts on “Weeds in the flower bed

  1. Miracle Grow for Soup = Wine = Gin & Tonic
    My first reaction was, “Yay! A Soup post! I miss those!” So, I’ll be here when your inner garden is ready to bloom again. <3

  2. I feel ya, sistah! I’m cautiously optimistic that, after a year and a half of the blahs, I’m beginning to get my blogging groove back. Time will tell. Sounds like a gathering is in the works, and I’d rather see everyone in person anyway:) ((hugs))

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