Last Person on Earth to get an iPhone (and proud of it)

PEOPLE. Remember my old cell phone?



Well, I wrote that post over 3 years ago and I still have it. I know, don’t judge. It’s been working just fine. Sure, the keys stutter when I text, and sometimes it
randomly turns itself off, and it stopped recognizing the micro SD card a few
months ago, but I can make and receive calls. (That’s why we call them phones,
right?) And the little 2 megapixel camera served me well long after my second
fifth digital camera bit the dust.

There hasn’t really been a compelling reason for me to
upgrade. Two years ago, my standard-issue work phone was the World’s First
Blackberry. Once cutting edge, it soon acquired a dated look and, while it
would reliably handle calls and emails, I became the subject of much ridicule whenever
I whipped it out. But it was sturdy, it worked, so I didn’t mind.

Then we upgraded to these top-of-the-line
4G Android smartphones. I love it! I have super-fast internet access and it
does all kinds of cool things. AND it has a REAL keyboard. I can’t lie, I like that
– and it’s one reason I was holding onto my dumbphone.

Besides, it would be silly for me to pay for a data plan for
my personal number when I already have data access on the work phone. Except
for one thing: The carrier on that phone is T-Mobile, and frankly, it doesn’t
work in as many places as the Verizon network.

But alas, the times, they change, and the dumbphones, they become
obsolete. When I learned I could trade in my smartphone and instead receive a monthly
phone allowance, I thought, it’s time. And since I’m sure I’m the last person
on Earth still carrying around two phones, I decided I would treat myself to a
phone as nice as my oldest son’s.

This week, Apple finally announced the long-awaited upgrade
to their phone (and OS), and the next day, Verizon dropped the renewal price on
the iPhone 5. So I ordered one. In white.

It’s coming today, via Fedex. I'm giddy, like Christmas Eve.

I’ve already procured the requisite OtterBox case and have
prepared my contacts to transfer. All I need to do is sign for that puppy and I
will join the legions of iPhone disciples.

Facetime me, baby.

(I know, I’m unbearable. Forgive me.)

So it strikes me as funny that while I’m getting myself all
worked up on Facebook about my new toy, my sister is posting things like:





My sister has long admitted to – even embraced – her
aversion to technology. This is someone who still owns – and uses – a VCR –
though she did inform me that’d recently upgraded to a DVR and only use the VCR
to play old tapes for the kids to watch.

(Kids, a VCR is something that you used to put tapes into so you could watch a video. Go ask your parents.)

In fact, this makes me think that perhaps Curt married the
wrong sister, as they are far more compatible in their general disinclination towards technology than we are.

But the more I thought about it, the more I realize, my
sister and I share that gene, or at least shades of it. After all, I contentedly held
onto my dumbphone (rest its analog soul) for too long, and the one before that,
too. (I loved my Motorola KRZR!)


I’m sure I was the last person on Earth to
get an iPad (last Christmas’s gift, because I dropped very subtle hints, such
as “I really want an iPad for Christmas”). In the room that will one day be
that living room where you’re not allowed to sit on the sofas, there is currently a big
old tube TV, to which is connected a Playstation 2 that no longer works. There’s
an inkjet printer in my office that never did work right, and you probably can’t
buy ink for it now. Stashed in closets throughout our house are (at least) two obsolete
desktop computers and, oh, three or four dead cell phones. And my high-end iron that I once waxed rhapsodic about stopped working (that bitch) and still sits on a shelf,
collecting dust. I still have parallel cables and old digital cameras and chargers
that have long since become separated from whatever it was they used to provide

We have a big flat panel TV in the family room, but the
surround sound system doesn’t really work right. And I hate to admit it, but we
got FIOS in February, after ten years with DirecTV, and none of us has bothered
to learn the numbers of (or store) (or even how to search for) our favorite

Am I technologically averse? No. But neither am I an early
adopter. I guess we’ll find out… as soon as the FedEx guy arrives.

Apple-iphone 5 - 16gb refurb-white-450x350

5 thoughts on “Last Person on Earth to get an iPhone (and proud of it)

  1. Wait. You said your sister ( and my other daughter ) has a gizmo to play tapes ? What’s a tape?
    (This from the mom who loves her flip phone.)

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