I Hate This Day

IT'S THE FIRST DAY OF APRIL and you know what that means: People are going to try to trick you today. 

I don't know why I hate this day so much, but I do. I'm instinctively wary. An automatic skeptic. It might have something to do with this (excerpt from my 4/1/10 post):


I didn't think a whole lot of it then, but it's been almost 25 years since we dated, and yet it's still stuck in my craw. I think it's because it struck me as deliberately cruel that he would take advantage of the fact that I was inclined to believe him.

So, today, know this: I believe nothing you tell me. My Skept-O-Meter is fully charged and cranked up to 11. You're not really moving to [insert faraway country] for work. You're not pregnant. There's no way you're quitting your job. I'm sure the car is still in the driveway. AS IF you won the lottery. If you aren't engaged / married / divorced by now, I seriously doubt you're going to announce it today of all days. 

The thing about these fake announcements is, most of them concern the big-news milestones we normally like to celebrate. Why in the world would you try to trick people into believing anything for which the automatic response is, Congratulations!, only to yell, SUCKER!? Call me Debbie Downer, but I don't get it.

I think anyone who tries to pull this kind of prank is the Fool today.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go chase some kids off my lawn.


One thought on “I Hate This Day

  1. When people fool me – which is easy to do – I tell them, “I like you, so I will believe everything you tell me. If you lie to me I’ll believe you…once or twice, then never again.” I totally get it. No fooling.
    Love, Foolery

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