Haiku Thursday

February can be an awkward, even bewildering, time for sports fans. Winter begins with college football hype and the end of the NFL regular season. January brings an endless string of bowl games, then the NFL playoffs. Then the two-week hype building up to the Super Bowl. The day after The Big Game can feel like a letdown. My sons are into hockey, and my youngest likes the NBA (we aren't sure where he gets this), so those are the sports that grace the TV in my house now.

As for me, this is the time I turn my attention to men's college basketball, as the conference tournaments approach, and then NCAA March Madness. I didn't know anything about March Madness until my first job in DC. (The basketball team at my college was not a contender.) The employees where I worked had a pool, and I filled out my first bracket, using the USA Today team analysis as a guide, then clutched it, highlighter in hand, while watching all the games on the first and second days of the tournament. Well, the late games, after work. This was long ago, in the Mesozoic era before the internet, when we had to call George Michael's Sports Machine hotline to get the latest scores. 

As I write this, I have learned that pitchers and catchers reported for Spring training yesterday. Which means springtime, and baseball, are just around the corner.  The mornings are getting lighter and daylight lingers a little longer in the evening. Longer, better days are ahead. They have to be. (Don't they?)


Haiku Thursday (a Wednesday edition)

My disdain for February goes back many years and has been well documented here. I'd like to call us frenemies, but that suggests there's an element of collegiality that I'm not sure exists. True, I've had several nice trips to warm places (and cold places) in February… but those don't outnumber the bad things that seem to occur to me in this short but brutal month. February has become, for me, four weeks to be gotten through. I'm thankful that this year there are only 28 days (last year's 29th day felt like such an insult). So, this week's haiku is a plea to my least favorite month. 

I've got my eyes on you, February. Don't try anything.