More things I didn’t know I needed

IF YOU’RE LIKE ME, you’ve been laying in bed, night after night, fretting about how to best prep your fresh Brussels sprouts for cooking. Cutting them with a knife is so… hard. So inefficient. So old school. There must be a better way!

Well, it’s like my friends at Sur La Table were reading my mind when this gem appeared in my Facebook feed.

sprout twister
Three guesses… give up? Brussels Sprout Twister Gizmo: Sur La Table

You guys? The “Twist ‘n’ Sprout” solves a problem I didn’t know I had. All this time, I’ve been slicing them in half and using a regular paring knife to cut the bottom of the core away. Silly me!

Thus is the genius of marketing. Identify a fake problem, create something to “solve” it, give it a clever name, create a sleek how-to video, and sell millions.

I love Sur La Table. We’ve been to two cooking classes there, and both were great fun. The store is fabulous – I geek out over all things kitchen-related. But this seems to me like a gadget that would just take up space, getting pushed to the back and eventually lost, causing me to spend more time pawing through drawers looking for it than it would take to just pull a knife out and use it instead.

But Sur La Table’s marketing folks must think I’m a sucker for such things. They also served up the ad that led to this post about the “ironing system.”

Then again, I do keep clicking on their ads. I guess that means they win.  Well played, Sur La Table.

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