GNN: Slow News Day

Goose News Network (GNN)

Not much to report this week from our favorite Canada geese. Just like the last few weeks of a human gestation period, I am sure Rosemary is finding all the nesting wearisome. She sits and sits and sits. She’s all…

Monday morning

…and all…

Wednesday morning

This morning, Joseph was nowhere to be seen. My guess is Rosie sent him out to get her a triple grande decaf soy latte and maybe a chocolate croissant and J-dawg went not to the closest Starbucks but the second-closest one just so it would take longer, because frankly he finds her really unbearable right now, and to be honest the feeling is mutual, and he didn’t even order ahead on the app so he had to wait in the ridiculously-long line and while there he ran into his goose pal from back in the day and they got to honking with each other like they do. I mean, that’s a look of exasperation on Rosie’s face if ever there was one. All a girl wants is her coffee and a bite to eat. Is that too much to ask? Considering how long she’s been sitting on these damn eggs of his??

My Facebook memories indicate that we’re about a week away from these eggs hatching. Watch this space for the very latest!

We now return to our regularly-scheduled programming, already in progress.



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