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Well, I think we have multiple babies… last night when I was walking to my car, I passed Joseph, over by the garage, giving Rosemary some space:

Joseph, giving Rosie some “space”

Then as I got to the median, I saw a woman had stopped to take a photo. She was closer to Rosie than I’ve ever gotten, and Rosie’s neck was stretched waaaay up in the air as if to say back off, bitch. But then I saw it: A tiny yellow fluffy gosling!

A gosling!

So I exclaimed, oh, do we have babies?? And she said, yes! And I said, I’m so excited, I’ve been watching her! And she said, so have I! And the two of us had a moment right there in the parking lot.

I didn’t share this with you last night because I was thinking that this morning there would be a few of them and I’d snap some impossibly cute photos and spray them all over the internet. Instead, this morning, as I parked, I saw Rosemary, still sitting atop her nest, and no fluffy baby geese:

So, I don’t know what to think. Did one hatch earlier than the others? Was there only one egg to begin with? (Remember, there was that other abandoned egg a few feet away; usually they have at least four.) Did they all hatch but Rosemary is trying to keep them warm? Maybe they’re still hatching? But where is baby #1??

According to this site, the nesting takes about 25 days, and the goslings can walk soon after birth. And this site says:

After the goslings hatch, the female protects them and keeps them warm with her wings. Parents take their goslings to the water to feed almost immediately after birth. The day after the goslings hatch, the parents take them to a brooding area, where they are raised with other families in a group called a crèche.

So maybe the tots are under Rosie’s wings on this chilly morning. It’s supposed to warm up today; perhaps I’ll see them when I leave work.

I’ll keep you posted!



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