GNN: Angry Birds

Goose News Network (GNN)

No fewer than four of my friends shared this article with me yesterday. It’s about some wild geese who are “terrorizing” pedestrians at the county bus lot, which is not far from Shady Grove Metro. Apparently one person had to be taken to the hospital because of GOOSE BITE WOUNDS.

Not to be outdone, another friend shared this similar story about “aggressive geese” attacking and chasing people in a parking lot in Michigan. The article notes that “two geese are nesting in the area, and the birds are protective.”

Either my friends are concerned for my safety, or I have solidified my reputation as the lady who reports on the geese. Or, both.

Yesterday afternoon, I walked the long way around the parking garage just so I could check on the geese that have gathered by the stream that runs between the garage and the kiss ‘n’ ride. There were a number of adult geese there by the water. (I didn’t see any goslings.) One in particular seemed especially pissed off. He rushed at a couple of seemingly-innocent geese, wings flapping aggressively, sneering (I assume), and honking loudly. They were like DUDE. What is WRONG with you. RELAX!

But his message was unmistakable, and they moved away.

See, it’s not just people they’re terrorizing.

Yesterday, I confirmed that Rosemary’s unhatched eggs had indeed been pillaged by some hungry critter. Natural selection, I guess. I saw bits of shell among the fluffy goose down she left behind.

Anyway, this aggressive goose thing is completely normal at nesting time and right after.  According to this source, “Both adults, especially the male, vigorously defend their broods for approximately 10-12 weeks after the goslings hatch from the eggs. This defense behavior diminishes as the goslings grow older and are capable of flight.”

So, if you encounter geese in the next couple of months, I suggest you give them wide berth. They’re on high alert for potential threats. And if you find yourself walking through a Metro parking lot, do remove your earbuds put your phone in your pocket, and pay attention, lest you find yourself surprised to be the target of some angry goose intent on defending his turf.

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