Weird part II (and a GNN update)

It’s week two of “stay home and work” and while I’ve grown rather fond of my new home office, it’s still weird. Yesterday I drove to my company’s office in Bethesda to swap out some files, water my plants, and grab a ream of paper. Eli has been so bored, he eagerly came along. I saw one coworker there. We were in and out of there quickly.

Steve and I used to talk about how we would enjoy spending all day / every day together. Be careful what you wish for! But honestly, it’s been really nice having him around. We retreat to our separate desks after breakfast, meet up for lunch, go back to our desks in the afternoon, then meet for happy hour like normal. But, because we don’t have to commute home, dinner is happening earlier and then we have all this time to kill before bedtime.

Last Saturday, we took a drive over to Shady Grove Metro to check on the geese. The parking lot was completely empty, save for one random car. As we pulled in, we saw a gaggle of geese hanging out in one corner of the lot

but Rosemary was nowhere to be seen. We pulled right up to her nest – five eggs BUT NO MAMA.

I began to fret: Where is she? Did she abandon them? Is she freaked out because the usual daily buzz of the parking lot is gone? She has one job – keep those eggs warm! WHERE WAS SHE??

As we started driving away, we noticed two geese break from the goose party in the corner and head towards the nest. ROSEMARY AND JOSEPH! They were bickering. Was he scolding her for being away too long? Was she sassing him back because she didn’t need his damn advice? I backed up and Steve jumped out and started taking photos:

Rosie settled onto the nest and Joseph retreated, no doubt seeking to re-establish his boundaries and assert his need for some personal space.

I was relieved to see Rosemary sitting back on her nest! Especially after last year, when there ended up being only one baby.

I miss checking on the geese every day, and I realize it’s getting close to hatching time. I may venture over to the parking lot today or tomorrow to check on my avian pals.

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