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Hi, I’m Meg. Welcome to my blog, Soup Is Not A Finger Food. I named this blog after a phrase I actually said to my kids when they were little. One of them really did try to eat soup with his fingers. That worked out about like you think it did. They’re old enough to know better now, but I still hope that my rigorous table etiquette instruction will enable them to impress people, or at least keep them from embarrassing themselves (much).

I started this blog in 2008, moved it to Typepad briefly, and am moving it back to WordPress. So, please forgive any formatting irregularities that resulted from the import process.

When I began writing, it was more to catalog some stories and my thoughts, so that one day, if they wanted it, my kids could know all about me.  At the time I had three boys, one cat, a golden retriever, and a husband. We threw ourselves into the suburban experience in a lovely enclave not far from Washington, DC. Since then, my kids have gotten older, the dog and cat have crossed the Rainbow Bridge, there are two new cats on the scene, we’ve divorced, sold the house, and moved to other accommodations in the same community.

In other words, things have changed along the way. As they do.

Something wonderful happened through blogging: I met a bunch of fellow bloggers IRL (in real life!) and count them now among my best friends. Facebook also happened, and I believe the instant gratification available there has changed the nature of blogging. But, when I decide to write something longer than a FB post, I still come here.

I truly appreciate your spending some time reading the Soup. Come back again soon!

(PS – the comments on this post from 10 years ago reference stuff I had in this post that I have since edited out.)

23 thoughts on “About Me

  1. love the new look, and the gin o’clock countdown. huggles, me
    will cross my fingers for the game on tuesday (just tell me if I should cross that he plays or doesn’t play!) ;)

  2. I never logged on to a blog before – yours is the 1st. There’s so much there – I’m worried you never sleep!

    Yes, Grandma Sara would have loved being in cyberspace and somehow I think she would have understood it also. she was always with the times or ahead of them.

    See you on the 10th.

  3. And I thought the Christmas letter was good, Meg this is fabulous!!!!! We’ll meet up in mid suburbia for a ginny and tonic!

  4. Your friends from way up North checking in… Not sure if the little wiff will be on – not much of a techie – but I’ll chech back often. FYI – both boats are almost ready for the water – hint, hint, hint

  5. Hi Meg!

    What part of central PA are you from? I’m from State College with relatives in Snyder County AND some of my relations (grandmother’s generation) were Beavers!

  6. Love me a perfect gin & tonic, too. I also love a marginal gin & tonic, and poor gin & tonics are still within my target range of acceptable beverages.

    And don’t sell yourself short, Miss Soup — you’re a wonderful blogger!

    — Laurie @ Foolery

  7. I love the About Me page. I think it should be some kind of rule that all blogs have one. Where else could I find out that you play poker but don’t PLAY POKER? Or bond with you over our shared pursuit of the PERFECT BALANCE and old cats that refuse to die?

  8. I’ve read your “about me” page about six times before, but every time I do, I leave feeling like I should know you in real life. Maybe I do. We have lived in the same places, our houses even sound similar, my children certainly have tried to eat soup with their fingers, and we like to do the same things – tv shows and gin, yes, not so much Steelers. I even have screwed up feet!

    And, “Perfect Balance.” That’s a good one.

  9. You give great blog!
    Perhaps that could be put better, but then again, I don’t write! Excellent! You never really know what gifts people have. Please continue to write, and I among others will continue to read.

    Steve from old Spirent days.

  10. hi Meg! I found your blog looking for pictures of the S&H Green Stamp dial machine and saw you wrote about Weis stores….are you from central PA too? I’m originally from Woodward and currently live in State College.

    1. Hi Celia – yes, I grew up on a farm near a small town off of Route 22/322, between Harrisburg and State College. Below Lewistown. My kids know of Woodward from the documentary about the skateboarding camp there. And, in fact, we lived in Lewisburg for a brief time in 2006/2007 but ended up moving back to the DC area.

      You can take the girl out of PA, but she will most definitely whine about how you can’t buy Middleswarth’s chips in Maryland.

      Thanks for your comment! Come back again!

  11. I found you via CBW (VERY bummed I missed the blog fest…..sigh. will try for next year) and really enjoy your blog! I also love that you are a fellow Marylander!

    1. Tracey, thanks! We had a blast. It’s true what they say – the more, the merrier. Hope to meet you at one of these shindigs!

  12. Hi Meg,

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  13. Hi there, just found you completely by chance as my boyfriend and I (he’s British, we live in Kenya) were searching the perfect G & T recipe on a Sunday MORNING – as you do…..which turns out, I already follow! We had a good laugh reading your blog and wanted to say thanks for that – always a treat to find a good and humorous writer out there!

    Best of luck in all. Nella and James, Lake Naivasha, Kenya

  14. p.s. James says if you are still having “trouble” with your cat, let him know… he knows a bit about that as he lost THREE cats in one year due – we think – to a mischievous leopard… sad but not too sad as we love birds…. oh the dilemma…hence the mid-morning G&Ts!

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