Do you remember the lunchline in your school cafeteria? Or maybe your college dining hall? Were you a line-cutter? Did you save seats? Or hoard your lunch money for ice cream instead of the featured entree? Remember getting your ticket punched, or exchanging your prepaid milk ticket for an 8-ounce carton of whole milk?¬† Do … Continue reading Lunchline

Song of Joy

My awesome sister gave me this Captain & Tennille CD for my birthday!¬† THANKS, BETS! We had this LP when we were kids and listened to it incessantly, if memory serves. That is, when Barry Manilow and the K-Tel Greatest Hits weren't on the turntable. (Attention Kids: There's likely to be a lot of Dated … Continue reading Song of Joy

Expectations vs. Reality

Next Thursday, I'm heading down to Virginia for what's being heralded as the Virginia Blogfest. It's hosted by bloggers extraordinaire¬†Chesapeake Bay Woman and Big Hair Envy, and it's designed to bring together bloggers and commenters who've gotten to know - and like - each other through cyberspace. Many of us have never met "IRL" (that … Continue reading Expectations vs. Reality