Angel food cake

Just posted another recipe over at My Grandmas' Recipes. This one is for my Grandma Sara's Angel Food Cake.  It was so light and fluffy you would think it would float right off of your fork. Little bites of heaven. Go over and look, then run out and buy a bunch of eggs and make … Continue reading Angel food cake

As close to Grandma Daisy’s as I can find

Hop over to My Grandmas' Recipes today to find my Grandma Sara's molasses cookie recipe. I wrote over there that my grandma wrote a note on one of her recipe cards that this recipe "is not Grandma Daisy's but tastes as close to hers as I can find." I love that, because Grandma Daisy was … Continue reading As close to Grandma Daisy’s as I can find

Soup makes soup!

In an attempt to counteract the Arctic chill that has descended upon Maryland, I made Ham Bean Soup this weekend. Most people would simply report that and move on. I, however, have turned it into an ENTIRE BLOG POST - complete with photos and commentary - over at My Grandma's Recipes. I have to report, … Continue reading Soup makes soup!