Inauguration Day

Hi, I'm back! We had a great weekend - decided to head out of DC while everyone else was heading into town. We stayed at my aunt and uncle's home in a ski resort development in Pennsylvania's Blue Mountains. The neighbors came along, and so did our big fat hairy dog, and thus the house … Continue reading Inauguration Day

Vote. Be part of history.

I feel giddy today. It's almost like... Christmas Eve. A big birthday. The day before vacation. There has been so much anticipation, so much build-up, and if things go as the media predicts, today we will elect the first African American president of the United States. I plan on letting the lines die down a … Continue reading Vote. Be part of history.

Barack Obama is now following me on Twitter!

This morning, with all the buzz around Barack Obama maybe announcing his running mate later today, I visited his website and signed up for text alerts so I would be among the first (millions) to know. While on his website, I decided to follow Barack Obama on Twitter. Because, you know, everybody's buzzin' 'bout Barack. … Continue reading Barack Obama is now following me on Twitter!