Who, Meme?

I was catching up with blog comments recently when I discovered that I’ve been tagged with this Award/Meme thingy by ZenYenta!  I’m always honored when someone thinks of me when they think of favorite blogs. Seriously, little ole me! Aw, shucks, I'm blushing over here.  Thanks for thinking of me, ZenYenta! I don't have much … Continue reading Who, Meme?

Who, me? On TV?

This has been a fascinating week in the Soup Is Not A Finger Food mailbag! First, I got a completely unsolicited (I swear) email from a Very Nice Man representing See's Candies, inquiring as to whether I would be interested in receiving a pound of their chocolates, free, to sample and possibly do a review … Continue reading Who, me? On TV?

When all else fails: Make cupcakes.

Some afternoons go exactly according to plan, with happy, compliant, cheerful children. This was not one of those afternoons. So I roll into daycare to pick up Peezer this afternoon, and he is standing there with his teacher, wailing about some misplaced candy, something one of the other teachers had given him for "being good." … Continue reading When all else fails: Make cupcakes.