Who, Meme?

blog_awardI was catching up with blog comments recently when I discovered that I’ve been tagged with this Award/Meme thingy by ZenYenta!  I’m always honored when someone thinks of me when they think of favorite blogs. Seriously, little ole me! Aw, shucks, I’m blushing over here.  Thanks for thinking of me, ZenYenta!

I don’t have much time to bask in the afterglow and rest on my laurels, though, because this award requires a lot of work comes with certain, um, rights and privileges duties and responsibilities.  If I tag you, and you want to participate (don’t feel obligated), here’s what you should do. Eventually. You know, when you have completed all your chores and laundry and have time for such silliness:

1.You must brag about the award. I didn’t exactly brag – I’m always flabbergasted, frankly, when someone awards me anything, but I guess saying “I got an award!” on my own blog is bragging.

2.You must include the name of the blogger who bestowed the award on you and link back to the blogger. You saw the link to ZenYenta above? Good. Go read her. She was one of my first readers and for that I owe her a special nod.

3.You must choose a minimum of seven (7) blogs that you find brilliant in content or design.  WELL. That’s easier said than done, because there are far more talented bloggers out there than I can make time to read regularly. You know I’m always gushing about Suz and Marcy and Laurie and Chesapeake Bay Woman… so here are some other blogs that I’m really liking these days.


Charlcie.  She’s a spunky thyroid cancer survivor who used to work with Soup Husband Curt.  They’ve both since moved on to other employers but we’re happy to still be in touch with her.

In Three Words. My latest blog addiction… she throws out a topic and your response must be contained in three well-chosen words.  I dare you not to bookmark it after your first visit.

Bartender Face.  The aforementioned Laurie started this blog to solicit the stories you so want to share, but can’t come clean except through the veil of anonymity.  I see she hasn’t posted in a little while… maybe this link will prompt her to share something new? It’s juicy reading for sure. Maybe you have your own deep dark secret you’d like to share.

Breed ’em and weep. Jenn is a recently-single mom of two lovely daughters. She’s got her hands full and writes about it in prose so eloquent, it’ll take your breath away. 

My Party of 6.  In addition to her own blog that features clever and thrifty home decorations and more laundry than you ever thought possible, Sue also contributes at DC Metro Moms.

Violence Unsilenced. Maggie of Okay, Fine, Dammit was one of my first readers and provided me with encouragement as I was just getting started. She recently embarked on a new project – she’s posting other writers’ accounts of their experiences with domestic violence.  It makes for riveting reading, and gives some pretty brave souls a place to speak out about their experiences with abuse.

4.Show their names and links and leave a comment informing them that they were tagged with the Honest Weblog Award.   Links posted above.  Comments on everyone’s sites may or may not happen, but consider yourself tagged if you see this before I leave you a comment. Whatever that means.
5.List at least ten (10) honest things about yourself. Oh lordy, didn’t we all do this on Facebook over the past couple of months?  Here’s my 25 things post; and I’ll throw in a bonus five new ones, just for grins:

  • I hate centipedes even more than I hate snakes, and I hate them both when they’re inside my house.
  • I am quite certain that three boys is enough of that business for me, but today I saw an impossibly cute 7 month old baby boy in the office and OH MY, how he made my ovaries ache!  Then I pinched him really hard and made him cry and – shazam! – I was over it. KIDDING. I did not pinch him. But I had to imagine it in order to break the trance.
  • You know those pressurized tubes of crescent rolls and biscuits? I fear those tubes. I really don’t like it when they pop open.  Sometimes you just peel the paper like it tells you, and they don’t just pop open, and then you have to figure out how to break in, and that is what I really, really hate. In fact, I asked Bubta to open some tonight so that I could make make a dinner recipe involving crescent rolls.
  • I used to sing the National Anthem before varsity high school basketball games with my friend. We would sing it in two-part harmony, a capella.  (I was the alto.) I have fantasies of singing it again, as a solo, maybe at a Caps game or a minor league baseball game. I might just go audition one of these days.
  • If I could figure out a way to make money blogging, I would do it in a heartbeat.

Who, me? On TV?

This has been a fascinating week in the Soup Is Not A Finger Food mailbag! First, I got a completely unsolicited (I swear) email from a Very Nice Man representing See’s Candies, inquiring as to whether I would be interested in receiving a pound of their chocolates, free, to sample and possibly do a review on my blog.  Well, of course he had me at “free chocolate!”  We went back and forth in the negotiations – milk chocolate or dark? Heart-shaped box or regular? – and as we speak, the sweets are in the mail. So, visit me again and watch for my first-ever review in the coming couple of weeks, plus a top-secret giveaway, too.

I was feeling emboldened from this score when I received another random email from the fine folks at BoxCart, asking me if I would vote for them as “best of…” in Northern Virginia. BoxCart is a mover and also supplies those modular storage units, on your site or theirs. We used ’em and we loved ’em. So I wrote back and said I’d happily vote, and furthermore, I would even write a glowing review on my blog, and might they be interested in providing a little something extra that I could use in a reader contest? We struck an agreement, and within the next few days you’ll see that review and a contest, too, with a great givewaway for anyone who’s got a moved planned in the near future.

Gosh, blogging is FUN!

Then, as if my name had somehow been placed on a “she’s easy” list, another, most intriguing email showed up. This one was from the casting director of Emeril Green! I know – a television show! About FOOD! Here’s what she said:

Hi Meg,

My name is Jessica Shelton and I work on casting for the eco-friendly cooking series Emeril Green.  Currently we are seeking new ways to reach out to people who may be perfect guests for our show.  In case you are unfamiliar with our series the basic premise is that the average home cook gets a cooking dilemma solved for them by Chef Emeril Lagasse with a green spin (for instance – how do I cook mushrooms? or what do I do with all my fresh herbs?). As I am looking for new ways to spread the word I came across your blog Soup Is Not A Finger Food and thought that appearing on Emeril Green might be something that your readers (and possibly you) might be interested in.  If this does sound like something you’d like to know more about please email me and I can give you more details.  If not, sorry to have bothered you,


Naturally, I had visions of being plucked from obscurity by none other than Emeril Legasse and signed to my very own cooking series on cable TV. I could be America’s next Culinary Sweetheart!  After all, I’m a kick-ass cook, and I’m (sometimes) hilarious, and really, what’s not to like? Just ask my mom!  Or my husband! (But not my kids!)

I immediately replied to the message, saying I would of course be interested and please, Jessica, tell me more about how I can help you fulfill Emeril’s needs. And here was her reply:

Hi Meg,

Here is our casting call that we usually post. If you are interested in being an applicant yourself please email us back with all the requested info.  Also, we would welcome any help from you in getting the word out, whether it’s posting the casting call on your blog or even just putting a link to our casting blog http://www.emerilgreencasting.blogspot.com on your site.

Planet Green is looking for residents in the Washington, D.C. metro area who love to cook but have a tough time making heads or tails of what’s in the fridge, or are wondering how to be eco-friendly while still deep-frying a turkey.

This is a chance for amateur chefs to receive cooking tips and recipes tailored specifically to their needs by America’s most beloved chef–Emeril Lagasse! Discovery’s new network is currently casting enthusiastic and fun people with creative and interesting cooking challenges for the all new series Emeril Green, which began airing in July.

Metro D.C. residents  interested in participating should email their information (name, address, age, and occupation), their culinary challenge, and a recent picture to emerilgreencasting@gmail.com. Participants must provide their own transportation and be available for two to three days of filming in the D.C. metro area.

OH. She didn’t necessarily mean me specifically. What she meant was, would you consider posting this casting notice on your blog. Give us some a little free publicity. And also, if you happen (!) to be interested, you, too, can follow the casting call instructions. Just like everyone else.

GOT IT, Jessica. I’m with ya. Nevertheless, I myself am “enthusiastic and fun!”  And, while I have never deep-fried a turkey, I often have trouble making heads or tails of what’s in my fridge.  Especially the green, fuzzy things in there.

So, as promised, I have posted the casting call email for my thousands hundreds dozens seven readers, several of whom actually reside in the Washington, DC area.  I myself am totally in. Even though I will have to think a bit about how I can weave a little bit of “eco-friendly” into my personal cooking challenges.

And readers? Just to clarify?  Jessica tells me that casting is ongoing and the timeframe is TBD.  Go on – send her your cooking dilemma (email is above) and your most recent head shot, maybe a link to your hilarious blog, and you could be featured on an upcoming episode of Emeril Green.

But if you get on the show and I don’t? I’m totally not entering your name in my two upcoming giveaways. SO THERE.

(Kidding! Really.)

When all else fails: Make cupcakes.

Some afternoons go exactly according to plan, with happy, compliant, cheerful children. This was not one of those afternoons.

So I roll into daycare to pick up Peezer this afternoon, and he is standing there with his teacher, wailing about some misplaced candy, something one of the other teachers had given him for “being good.” (I know, I didn’t love that either, but it was a red herring.) As I tried to decode his cries, I noticed the wet spot on the front of his pants, and when I looked questioningly at the teacher, she launched into a long explanation about how the kids were having such a great time outside playing in the leaves, and that a couple of them just… kind of…  forgot to go.

I changed his pants, the other teacher hooked him up with some replacement candy, and off we went to pick up The Boss.  As we neared home, Peezer started in again about something that had troubled him this morning: His toy catalogues were missing. You see, on Sunday afternoon, I whipped out some toy circulars from the newspaper and allowed him to circle some favorites, thus beginning his Christmas list.  He promptly misplaced the catalogues and none of us could find them. So The Boss says, “Hey, there will be some in the mailbox! I’ll get them for you!” Except guess what? Among the five catalogues that arrived today were ZERO TOY CATALOGUES. Big Brother meant well, but made a promise he couldn’t keep and it backfired, bigtime.

Again, Peezer commenced shrieking and wailing, gnashing and stomping. He laid down in the hallway to stage a tantrum, and guess what?

He peed in his pants. AGAIN! And, a LOT.

So, I did three shots of vodka threw him into the bathtub (no, not literally), and as I was wrangling him into submission, he screamed: CUPCAKES!

I was all, what? And he said, I WANT CUPCAKES!

Will cupcakes make you happy? I asked. YES! He replied.

Will you stop crying and screaming if I make you cupcakes?

YES! He nodded.

Could it be that easy? Is anything ever that easy?

Well, not exactly.

You see, I did not stock up on the buy-one-get-one-free cake mixes last weekend, so I had to make the batter – and icing – from scratch. Not normally that big of a deal, because I usually have all the ingredients on hand, but still. Measuring! Mixing! Pouring batter into tiny little cupcake tins! Cleaning up!

(Actually, uber-daddy Curt cleaned up the whole mess. Thanks, honey!)

IT’S TAKING FOR LONG TIME! Peezer bellowed from the family room.

HEY, I replied, there are no other mothers making SCRATCH CUPCAKES on a MONDAY NIGHT for their DEMANDING CHILDREN.  Excellence takes time, I added.  Have patience. And also, Pipe down.

"Rustic" scratch cupcakes. They don't look awesome but they taste great and make kids be quiet.

SRSLY. Can you stand how amazing I am? What an Uber-Mommy I can be?

I know I can’t.

The cupcakes were actually light and fluffy and pretty tasty. And they were well-received! All the boys loved them!  And lo, the children ate the cupcakes, and said they were good, and a hush fell over the entire household.

Here, wanna see another view?  Of course you do.

iced scratch cupcakes
iced scratch cupcakes

Thanks for dropping by to read all about my excrutiating awesomeness.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I am going to change out of my uber-mommy pants and get into my jammies and go to bed. Because baking cupcakes? It’s exhausting!