Haiku Friday

It seems silly to restrict haiku to Thursdays. When the muse strikes, I pay attention, and this morning I experienced seventeen-syllable inspiration during an unusually easy drive to work.

If you’ve ever commuted in the DC area, you know the times when traffic is likely to be heavier or lighter than usual. I would not have expected to glide through the city this morning at the height of rush hour, arriving at work earlier than on a typical day. I guess everyone else has already begun their Thanksgiving break? Why didn’t you tell me?

Hello? Can you hear me? Is this thing on??



Getting closer…

Hitting the USPS today:

September 21, 2009
Ms. Lucinda M. Babers
Director, Department of Motor Vehicles
Government of the District of Columbia
PO Box 90120
Washington, DC 20090

 Re: Citation #543436103, 9/7/01

Dear Ms. Babers:

Thank you very much for your letter dated September 18, 2009. I know you’re very busy and I appreciate your responding directly to my September 12 letter addressed to the DC Treasurer.

In response to your kind invitation, I am enclosing a copy of check #580 dated October 22, 2001, in the amount of $45.00, cashed by the DC Treasurer on November 30, 2001.   My recollection is that we did not pay the citation immediately, but did remit promptly upon receiving the second notice plus the corresponding fine, which increased the total due to $45.00.

Your letter stated that the DMV processed a check in response to the above-mentioned citation for $15 from me on October 1, 2001, but based on my records, I’m not sure that either the amount or the date is accurate. I am convinced now more than ever that this multi-year misunderstanding is the result of a simple human error.

As I stated in my numerous previous attempts to correct this mistake, while we did not write the citation number on the check, we did enclose the remittance slip in the same envelope when we sent you the check. Because the DMV accepted this money and has been in possession of it for eight years, I trust that this letter will finally prove that we paid the citation in full at the time it was due.

Again, I am most appreciative of the time you took to respond to me, and I accept your gracious apology for the inconvenience this matter has caused me. I trust that you are sufficiently empowered to fix this situation immediately before it escalates any further.  I have taken the liberty of copying Mayor Fenty and Mr. Gandhi on this letter so that they may be kept abreast of this situation.
Enclosures:   Copy (front and back) of check #580 for $45.00, 10-22-2001
Copy of 9/18/09 letter from Ms. Babers

Cc:  Adrian Fenty, Mayor, District of Columbia
  Natwar M. Gandhi, Chief Financial Officer, District of Columbia