Wanna flya Cessna?

In one of thousands  hundreds  dozens  several boxes of mementos from my youth, currently taking up entire rooms in my basement, I found two magazines from the week I was born in the Mesozoic Era  Renaissance  Roaring Twenties late sixties.  My Grandma Sara was an R.N. in a doctor's office and she thoughtfully swiped their copies … Continue reading Wanna flya Cessna?

Song of Joy

My awesome sister gave me this Captain & Tennille CD for my birthday!  THANKS, BETS! We had this LP when we were kids and listened to it incessantly, if memory serves. That is, when Barry Manilow and the K-Tel Greatest Hits weren't on the turntable. (Attention Kids: There's likely to be a lot of Dated … Continue reading Song of Joy


I'm heading south tomorrow, with my new pal Laurie, who blogs over here. She's flying in from California, staying overnight chez Soup, then tomorrow we load up the 'Burb and drive to Virginia Blogfest. Two chicks in a car? On a roadtrip? Does that remind you of anything?   Oh yeah, we're a couple of … Continue reading Roadtrip!