Check tire pressure (again)

Tire pressure indicator icon

This indicator light is glowing again on my dashboard, for the third time since I started driving this car 18 months ago. If the same thing holds true as was the case the other times, this means there is something stuck in my tire and I need to take it in to have it patched. 

I love my Jetta, but I can't lie, this indicator confounds me. Perhaps in the more expensive models, there's a more helpful display that includes information on each tire's exact pressure, or even a sensor that can tell whether you've driven over a nail, but on my base model, here's what you get:

Pssst. One of your tires is low. Can't tell you which one, but something's wrong. Could be it's just low on air, could be you drove over something sharp. You might wanna have that looked at. Just thought you should know. Good luck. Bye.

In other words:

Shrug emoji

The dashboard icon looks like a shrug for a reason. As if to say, YOU figure it out. I got nothin'.

Tire pressure is kind of a recurring gag in my life. My vehicles always seem to have tire issues. I thought with a brand new car, I would finally be free of tire-related problems. I thought wrong.

Another recurring gag in my life is vacuum cleaners. Some people have the same vacuum cleaner for their entire adult lives. We, however, have gone through them far more frequently. Many years ago, when we used have a cleaning lady, she squinted as she eyed our latest vacuum cleaner. "Where'd you get this?" she asked. "Target?" Uh, yes, in fact that's where we purchased it. "Hmmpf."

HMMPF?? What's wrong with a Target vacuum cleaner? Turns out, her scorn was well-placed. That one did not last long. I'm on my third one since then.

Am I the only one who has to patch a tire every 2-3 months? I'm not off-roading, I swear. I drive somewhat gently. I stay on paved roads. I almost never hit curbs. Come to think of it, though – potholes are often unavoidable in the District; maybe that's the problem.

Just me???