The E-word

Spring, egg-themed picnic! This is the headline from the flyer that came home from The Peezer's preschool. Parents contribute food, drinks, and egg-treats! Wha...? Like, deviled eggs or something? Saturday, April 4! At the big playground! Ohhhhh... wait. I think I get it... Games will include an egg toss, egg-spoon relay, egg roll, and - … Continue reading The E-word

See’s Chocolate Is A Finger Food!

Readers, I have been promising you a chocolate-centric post for weeks, plus a giveaway, and I am finally rewarding you for your patience! You're sweet to keep coming back, and now I can tell you about the sweets, sweets! Several weeks ago, I received this email from a nice man from See's Candies: I happened … Continue reading See’s Chocolate Is A Finger Food!