Haiku Thursday

MY COMMUTE – when I take Metro – has me walking right by a Dunkin’ Donuts that’s on the ground floor of my office building. I like sugar-coated fried dough as much as the next girl, but to me, the ones at Dunkin’ are just so… ordinary. So unremarkable. Especially when compared Krispy Kreme, which produces what I believe is the absolute perfect glazed doughnut. They even spell “doughnut” correctly, and even though they use K’s where C’s belong, I’m completely willing to forgive this sin because the product is superlative.

I’m just not even tempted to pop into Dunkin’ on my way into the office. Maybe I would be if they offered a better donut. Maybe I would be if they had fountain sodas. Absent those two things, there’s no reason for me to do anything but walk on by.

It was this realization that inspired today’s Haiku:

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I NO LONGER RECALL whether, in my nine years as a so-called blogger, I’ve written about certain themes here, or just riffed on them on FaceBook. So forgive me if you’ve heard this one before.

IMG_2343I don’t love bananas. I tolerate them. I feel obligated to eat them. Like it’s something I ought to do, because they’re good for you. All that potassium!

I believe there’s only a very small window when a banana’s ripeness is within the Ideal Eating Zone, and it’s usually something like 12:30pm – 5:00pm on a Thursday. Before that, too firm. After, too soft and good only for adding to fruit smoothies or making banana bread.

I’ve been known to buy one because I feel like I should, then carry it around until it is past The Window. It turns out, bananas are not nearly so good for you when you don’t actually eat them.

You can disagree, but this is how I feel about them.

This was my mindset as I purchased, on my way to work this morning, a banana and a bottle of water from a vendor. I had both hunger and thirst, and these items seemed the most efficient way to remedy both conditions. I placed my items at the register.

Cashier: A water and a banana.

Me (not yet sufficiently caffeinated): A water and a banana.

Cashier: $3.50, please.

Me (answering the question he had not even remotely asked): Bananas are healthy. I feel like I ought to eat them.

Cashier: I can’t eat ’em. The doctor says all that potassium isn’t good for me.

Me (looking wistfully at the trays of banana muffins): I wish I had that excuse.

I was a good girl today. I ate the banana, even as I wished for the muffin. (I make no promises concerning tomorrow.)



See’s Chocolate Is A Finger Food!

Readers, I have been promising you a chocolate-centric post for weeks, plus a giveaway, and I am finally rewarding you for your patience! You’re sweet to keep coming back, and now I can tell you about the sweets, sweets!

Several weeks ago, I received this email from a nice man from See’s Candies:

I happened upon your blog…and I’d like to ask you a couple of questions if I may.  Do you feel that you would enjoy sampling some of our chocolates and reviewing us on your blog?  If so, do you feel that it would be fitting for your blog’s theme and well received by your readership? 

Well, of COURSE I would enjoy sampling some See’s chocolates! Who wouldn’t? But, is it fitting for my theme?

[insert sound of crickets chirping]

Oh, right, my theme. My Theme! What is my theme? Do I even have one?? Well, no matter, because frankly, I cast a Very Wide Net here, and chocolate definitely fits. In fact, it could be said that chocolate never doesn’t fit. Assuming one likes to speak in double negatives, that is.

So I said sure, and not just because I remember my grandma’s church selling this as a springtime fundraiser. And because I’m not shy, I asked if See’s would consider providing a little something extra that I could use in a giveaway contest, and they said yes! I figured with Easter just around the corner, it’s likely that my reader(s) will need to stock up on some Easter candy (because nothing says “The Lord Is Risen!” like a large, 10-ounce hollow milk chocolate rabbit!).

Despite the fact that the pound of mixed nuts and chews chocolates arrived in my home at the same time as a pallet approximately 10 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies, I bravely and methodically began sampling.  

See's Candies: Assorted Nuts & Chews
See's Candies: Assorted Nuts & Chews

After completing my exhaustive research, I can tell you this: See’s chocolate is really, really good!  It was fresh, the chewy centers were chewy, the milk chocolate was creamy and the dark chocolate had that unmistakable “zip.” My favorite pieces had nuts in them, because nuts and chocolate? Truly an unbeatable combination in my opinion. Oh, and the toffees! Those rocked.

The bottom line? This candy is a high-quality product. If you have a craving for chocolate candies, See’s will not disappoint. Thanks, See’s, for allowing me to enjoy a box of chocolates!

Here’s the part where I get to share the love – and the chocolate! See’s is generously providing one $25 (USD) gift card for me to give away.  So, if you love chocolate, or know someone who does, this would be a great way to help stock the Easter baskets this year. (Thanks, See’s!)

THE RULES:  This is a random drawing for one gift card. If you want to be entered, leave a comment here between now and Tuesday, March 24 at Midnight (Eastern time). Be sure to include your email address in the comment form. One entry per email address. If you post a link to this contest on your own blog, I’ll throw in an extra chance for you to win. We will draw the winner’s name out of a hat, or something similarly scientific but totally random. Employees (paid and unpaid) of  Soup Is Not A Finger Food and their immediate families are not eligible to participate.  (This means you, Curt.) Void where prohibited. Se habla Espanol.  No purchase necessary. See store for details.