Haiku Friday

It seems silly to restrict haiku to Thursdays. When the muse strikes, I pay attention, and this morning I experienced seventeen-syllable inspiration during an unusually easy drive to work. If you've ever commuted in the DC area, you know the times when traffic is likely to be heavier or lighter than usual. I would not … Continue reading Haiku Friday

Until we meet again

    I hate goodbyes. Really, I do.  Goodbye seems so final. So permanent.  Nothing GOOD about it. Is anyone "good" at saying goodbye? I'm not. I get all weepy and blubbery and words fail me.  It isn't pretty. Instead of saying goodbye, I have decided that I prefer "until we meet again," which holds … Continue reading Until we meet again

My Guitar Hero is ten years old today!

As if our weekend wasn't busy enough, our middle son turned 10 today. So, after all the hubbub with my own big day, we shifted gears to celebrate with the younger generation. On Sunday afternoon, we took leave of our senses the Birthday Boy and six buddies to the ice skating rink, where it was … Continue reading My Guitar Hero is ten years old today!