Valentine’s Day Haiku

I used to do a thing here I called “Haiku Thursday.” It was fun for a while, but I felt like maybe it got old. Then my muse took an extended vacation. But this week, two friends shared haiku on my Facebook page, and since it a holiday of sorts – and Thursday – I thought it would be appropriate to write my own haiku today.

My wish this Valentine’s Day is that we all may be the giver and the recipient of love, expressed in gestures both subtle and grand, today and every single day of the year.



Haiku Friday

It seems silly to restrict haiku to Thursdays. When the muse strikes, I pay attention, and this morning I experienced seventeen-syllable inspiration during an unusually easy drive to work.

If you’ve ever commuted in the DC area, you know the times when traffic is likely to be heavier or lighter than usual. I would not have expected to glide through the city this morning at the height of rush hour, arriving at work earlier than on a typical day. I guess everyone else has already begun their Thanksgiving break? Why didn’t you tell me?

Hello? Can you hear me? Is this thing on??