Ode to the Doppich

I've been sorting through boxes of memorabilia because we're moving this weekend, and I found this gem among some of my mom's things. It was handwritten, but I've transcribed it here for posterity because when the muse struck her, she wrote some really brilliant verse. A few context notes follow. Ode to the Doppich* A … Continue reading Ode to the Doppich

Can every day be Mother’s Day? Please??

It's only 9:00 a.m. and what a Lucky Mom I am. Hubby awoke way before I did, like I think around six, and I heard the 3-year-old awake with him too... that's early for the kiddo. Heck, that's early for the DAD. On around 7:30 he came in to give me a 5-minute breakfast warning, … Continue reading Can every day be Mother’s Day? Please??