Deck the halls, now make it disappear

MAYBE IT'S JUST ME, but lately, I get as excited to undecorate after Christmas as I am to decorate right after Thanksgiving. Oh, there have been years where I could barely stand the thought of dragging the "big Santas" up from the storage room, but once I unbox them, I'm always happy I did. And … Continue reading Deck the halls, now make it disappear

Herb gardening in 16 easy steps

With apologies to Chesapeake Bay Woman for ripping off imitating her patented tutorial format, I’d like to present my readers with one of my own.  It’s possible highly likely that you already know way more than I do about growing an herb garden; nevertheless, you might glean a humorous superfluous helpful nugget in my take … Continue reading Herb gardening in 16 easy steps

Slow news week

After the excitement of last week, this week's events - or lack thereof - were disappointing, in that they failed to provide the same kind of ready-made material about which to write.  This week can be summed up in two words: IT RAINED. Evidently, I was not the only one having a slow news week.  … Continue reading Slow news week