I didn’t know I needed this

THE INTERNET GODS sent me this ad:


It’s not just an ironing board, it’s an ironing system. A whole *system*! For pressing clothes! And it’s on sale for just $1,999! And it ships free!

They’re practically paying you to take it.

The product description begins:

Whether you’re ironing table linens or removing wrinkles from a cocktail dress…

OK, hold up. If you are the owner of a $2,000 ironing system, you probably aren’t ironing your own table linens. You’re sending them out, or you’re having the housekeeper do it. I can see maybe touching up one’s own cocktail dress, say if you forgot to ask your housekeeper to do that for you before she left for the evening. Or maybe if you can’t decide what to wear to that charity gala tonight and have searched the dark recesses of your second walk-in closet (the one with all your fancy clothes in it) and dig out something you haven’t worn a couple of years. It might have wrinkles that need removing. And in that case, you would be really happy this system is still set up in the laundry room. From when the housekeeper was ironing the cloth napkins. That is, if you can figure out how to use it:

This easy-to-use ironing system features an LCD display with user-friendly navigation.

In my experience, “easy-to-use” and “user-friendly” are code words for “plan on 20 minutes to view YouTube tutorials.” I can barely program my coffee maker to brew at some future time. If my ironing system has “navigation” it’s probably too complicated for me.

I know what you’re thinking: Will the B3312 model will deliver everything I want and need in an ironing system? Fear not: The manufacturer also offers the B3847 system for just $500 more. Because spending $2,499 on a glorified ironing board seems normal.

If ironing is your jam – or you are, say, a professional seamstress – an investment in a device such as this might make sense for you. But for the rest of us – those of us who even still *do* iron – isn’t a regular old ironing board and mid-level iron enough to successfully do most household jobs? For money like that, you could buy a whole lot of professional dry cleaning. Or, a couple of really nice new cocktail dresses. Even ones that aren’t on sale. And have cash leftover to bid on the silent auction items at that charity gala.

For more things you never knew you needed, here’s a link to that time I went to Williams-Sonoma and analyzed their Thanksgiving table display.



As I mentioned in Saturday’s post, Sunday was our big neighborhood hootenany.  Tucked away within our community is about 25 acres of land that includes a small lake.   It’s our little secret.  Now, while this particular party is named after my street because it began on our very own cul-de-sac (that’s French for “dead end”), the neighborhood civic association thought it would be a great way to show of our lovely lake grounds, and so that is the location for this end-of-summer fest.

Soup Husband Curt recently took a seat on the civic association board, where “seat” equals “now you get to set up for and clean up after all of the sponsored parties.”  In reality, it’s more than just that – he also gets to book the band (featuring our neighborhood’s Mailman Bill) and arrange for the portajohn.  Seriously though, he and the other board members put in a lot of time this weekend to ensure that this would be a party to remember for all those in attendance.

I would like to tell you that it was a party to end all parties. That the whole neighborhood turned out. That they floated the keg by the band’s third set. That everyone loved my pepper slaw! That I worked the crowd, got to know my new neighbors, and tumbled, exhausted, into bed long after everyone else left.

thermometerHowever, I am unable to tell you any of these things because Peezer decided to contract a stomach virus on Sunday morning.  You know the rule, moms and dads: Your kid has to be puke-free for 24 hours before returning to school. Or is it fever-free? Well, whatever the rule is, my kid had both of those symptoms, and taking him to a party to infect socialize with other kids and their parents would have been irresponsible. Especially with H1N1 working its way through the land! (Pass the Purell!)

One of us had to stay behind, and because Soup Husband Curt was integral to the success of the party (did I mention, he was also charged with ferrying the feeble via our Jeep to the lake AND with running the post-band audio?), he went.  And I… didn’t.  Oh, he offered to come back and give me a spell – sincerely offered! – but he had so much going on over there, I declined.

If you know me, you know how much I love a good party. I cite my “inability to say no to a good party” on my “About Me” page.  But being a parent sometimes means making sacrifices for your children. It means Doing the Right Thing. It means that you will never make another decision without considering its impact on your children. It means you can’t be selfish.

And yesterday, it also meant finishing the laundry, ironing a few shirts, and plowing through 100+ pages of my book.

The Peezer and I stayed home. I made him drink grape soda and ginger ale. I dosed him with ibuprofen. His fever subsided. He nibbled on a couple of fruit gummies and vehemently refused offers of popsicles “because they made me throw up” (that was the last thing he had before he puked).  He claimed to feel better, but he still had that look in his eyes (you know the one), and had no appetite.  He lobbied hard to go to the party (that’s my boy!), but I felt it was the right thing to keep him home.

At around 7:30 p.m., I was sitting on our patio, listening to the distant sounds of the band’s last set and reading my book. Peezer announced he would like some “Ramen.”   I obliged and cooked up a package of noodley goodness for the child, placed them into a bowl, and set him up in front of the TV to enjoy his snack.  And as I returned to my book on the patio, I heard him say this:


Thanks, son. Thank you so, so much. That makes mommy feel really good.

I guess no good deed goes unpunished.

Lucky for him, he fell asleep on the couch shortly thereafter. 

So, I did the Right Thing yesterday.  And the Peezer seems better today. I take solace in the fact that I can spend this morning blogging instead of frantically doing laundry. I’m about to read the last few pages of my book.  And also?

Next time, it’s the husband’s turn!



Comfort food

Today was downright dreary… it was rainy and chilly, the kind of weather that inspires laziness.  I’m happy to report that there have been no further snake or centipede sightings within the walls of our house.  I did, however, pull two ticks off of The Boss this morning, so I can’t say that the day was entirely critter-free.

This afternoon, we puttered about, doing laundry and picking up clutter.  My heroic husband spent hours sorting and matching our giant basket of socks, which was a good way to remain productive while watching the hockey playoffs. I sorted the boys’ clothes, putting away winter and pulling out summer, getting rid of things too worn to pass down to The Peezer, and boxing up things I can’t believe he’ll fit into one of these years. The shocker was not that Bubta (the oldest) has, like, zero clothes to wear all of a sudden, but that he also had very little worth handing down to The Boss.   A shopping trip is in order and soon! Meanwhile, there must be, like, 17 boxes of stuff just waiting for Peezer to grow.

Anyway, today was the kind of day that begs for comfort food to be made and consumed. And so I answered the call and made one of my go-to dishes, a family favorite: Chicken Pot Pie.  Not the kind with a pastry crust, but Pennsylvania Dutch-style, with homemade egg noodles. And because I’ve little else to write about today, I’ll provide you with the link to my recipe for Chiken Pot Pie as posted on my other blog, My Grandmas’ Recipes.

Enjoy your Sunday evening. Get a good night’s sleep, because Monday’s comin’.