Roasted parsnips, ill-fated commutes, and other random stuff

Last night I  a dream that featured roasted parsnips.  (I know.) I was thinking in the dream, should I add some roasted garlic too, maybe mash 'em up? Do we have any fresh rosemary?  I haven't made parsnips in a while, maybe a year. I don't have any in my fridge, begging to be cooked and served … Continue reading Roasted parsnips, ill-fated commutes, and other random stuff

License and registration please, Ma’am

I got a little speeding ticket this evening.   Officer So-and-So explained that he was monitoring speed on this stretch of road as part of a grant from Operation I-Forget-What and that excessive speed is a hallmark of aggressive driving (?!) and that he clocked me going 57 in a 40 m.p.h. zone and would I please … Continue reading License and registration please, Ma’am

Bringing SEXAY Back

Folks, you don’t need to watch The Real Housewives of D.C. when you have me!  Today, I sported a pair of brown work trousers that, one year ago, were so loose on me that I had safety-pinned the waist to make it smaller. I finally stopped wearing them because they were hanging off of me. … Continue reading Bringing SEXAY Back