As I mentioned in Saturday's post, Sunday was our big neighborhood hootenany.  Tucked away within our community is about 25 acres of land that includes a small lake.   It's our little secret.  Now, while this particular party is named after my street because it began on our very own cul-de-sac (that's French for "dead end"), … Continue reading Responsibilities

Expectations vs. Reality

Next Thursday, I'm heading down to Virginia for what's being heralded as the Virginia Blogfest. It's hosted by bloggers extraordinaire Chesapeake Bay Woman and Big Hair Envy, and it's designed to bring together bloggers and commenters who've gotten to know - and like - each other through cyberspace. Many of us have never met "IRL" (that … Continue reading Expectations vs. Reality

Until we meet again

    I hate goodbyes. Really, I do.  Goodbye seems so final. So permanent.  Nothing GOOD about it. Is anyone "good" at saying goodbye? I'm not. I get all weepy and blubbery and words fail me.  It isn't pretty. Instead of saying goodbye, I have decided that I prefer "until we meet again," which holds … Continue reading Until we meet again