I think it's fair to say that, amidst all the socializing and photographing and touring and swimming and eating and boozing that took place at last week's VA Blogfest, each blogger who attended had a chance to learn new things about herself. Some have already  written about it. I learned a couple of interesting things … Continue reading Self-discovery

House guests

"The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry." -- Robert Burns.  I looked it up. This week, I am the poster child for this phenomenon. Today is Soup Husband Curt's birthday. (Everybody say "Happy Birthday, Curt!")  I was able to surprise him with an unexpected visit from a friend from Milwaukee.  She handed him a … Continue reading House guests

Am I the only one?….

AM I THE ONLY ONE... ... who has wondered why, in ladies room that includes at least three stalls, the next person into the bathroom chooses the stall next to the one which she is already occupying? (Isn't there a code that implies that you try, whenever possible, to leave at least one stall in … Continue reading Am I the only one?….