How many days?

IN response to all the "First 100 Days" hype, I've been grousing to myself, harumph, what is "100 days" but a nice, round, yet completely arbitrary, number? I mean, couples don't observe a 100-day anniversary.  First-time parents measure their babies' age in days for a few weeks, maybe, then count the weeks and then months.  (Parents … Continue reading How many days?

The E-word

Spring, egg-themed picnic! This is the headline from the flyer that came home from The Peezer's preschool. Parents contribute food, drinks, and egg-treats! Wha...? Like, deviled eggs or something? Saturday, April 4! At the big playground! Ohhhhh... wait. I think I get it... Games will include an egg toss, egg-spoon relay, egg roll, and - … Continue reading The E-word