Take me out to the ballgame

We went to see the Washington Nationals last night. I lucked into four tickets through work, so Steve and I brought Seth and Ross. It was hot and steamy and sticky, almost unbearably so, but we were very brave and (mostly) stoically suffered through it until the middle of the 8th inning, at which point I could stand no more. Yes, I realize it’s July in DC, and don’t mistake my discomfort for surprise that the weather conditions were what they were. It’s just… yuck. So, Steve and I retreated to the relative comfort of Metro’s air-conditioned cars, leaving Seth and Ross to return at the game’s end (the youth have a higher tolerance for discomfort, apparently).

It was a pretty typical ballgame: I spent way too much on a red Nationals tee-shirt. I bought my oldest son beer. (!!) I explained to him about tipping the concession guys working the stands. We ate hot dogs. We got frustrated as the Nats fell behind by like nine runs, then excited as they rallied to beat the Marlins, 14-12. We cheered for the guys on top of the dugout to lob a free, rolled-up tee-shirt our way and made noise when the stadium signs demanded we do so.

But the most important thing I need to record here is that last night, at long last, I finally got the answer to something I’ve been wondering about for 22 years. You see, when Seth and Ross were babies, I would sing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” while I rocked them to sleep. The song is short and sweet, I knew every word (if you know me, you know that’s not always the case), and it worked like a charm. And, we were big baseball fans, so it made sense.

As I rocked and sang, I thought to myself, I wonder if someday, many years from now, my adult offspring will be at a baseball game and, during the seventh inning stretch, will start singing the song, then experience an overwhelming urge to go right to sleep, there on the spot, like some post-hypnotic suggestion or something. It was a funny image, to me, and I had mostly forgotten about it until we stood up in the middle of the seventh last night. At last, here’s my chance, I thought! Ever vigilant, I was ready to catch one or both of the grown men who still call me “mommy” if they crumpled and passed out in a dead sleep, but I tried to play it cool so they wouldn’t catch on.

Well, friends, I am here to tell you that the answer to the question is NO, they were not overcome. Nobody who was born in the 1990s went to sleep in row T behind the first base dugout. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little bit disappointed. C’mon, it’d have been funny! On the other hand, their persistent consciousness did save us all from mild embarrassment. It felt… anticlimactic. Womp womp.

As we sat back down, I told them the story. They pretended to be amused. Oh, that mom of ours, they probably thought, exchanging knowing glances and rolling their eyes as I looked in the other direction. That’s completely silly and would never happen in real life. She is such a piece of work.

Hey, I am just continuing in my own mother’s tradition. I’m almost 51 years old, but she still likes to tell stories about funny things I did or said when I was little. It’s what moms do. So get used to it, boys. We’ve only just begun.



Sunshine naps

I managed to score a nap this afternoon, even while king-for-a-day Curt was away playing softball!  (Happy Father’s Day, honey!) Any day where I can catch 40 winks is a good day.

The Boss, God bless ‘im, promised to run interference with the Peezer for me, and Bubta was out haunting the ‘hood on his skateboard.  When I came to awoke, I wandered out to the family room, where they boys had been watching Mythbusters, and found this:


I don’t know how a kid sleeps with the sun on his face like that, but I praise Sol for the respite of Peezer’s little nap and the refreshment of my own.

Dressing with my eyes closed

Hi, me again… just checking in to let you know that Soup Husband Curt returned by dinnertime tonight, and in typical guy fashion, I was grilling him for all the details and he was all, “um, yeah, it was good. Tiring but good…”  He did offer this nugget – he’s quite certain he chose well when he joined this new company recently.  So that makes it all worth it. Those of you who know him in real life know this has been a long time coming.

And by the way, remember how he plays ice hockey? Well, his team’s in the playoffs again this year. In fact, he played last night, and they won, which means they get to play again Wednesday night! Isn’t that awesome? Go Men of Steel!

Remember how I wrote that Sunday night I couldn’t remember if I took a Tylenol PM? Well tonight, I most assuredly remember taking one about 20 minutes ago and I’m about to go niteynite. Because my incoherence is imminent, as is the likelihood that my fingers will soon cease to function, why don’t you pop over to The Well Read Hostess and read about her work wardrobe dilemma? Despite never having met, it seems that she and I have lots in common, what with our work wardrobes consisting of mainly black pants. Mine also includes some – get this! – brown pants… but other than that, it’s pretty idiot-proof in that everything mixes and matches because it’s all variations of the same color.  As in, you can dress in the dark with one eye closed before inserting your contact lenses and/or drinking coffee, and you’re pretty much guaranted to “match.” Go check her out, leave her a comment, tell her Meg at “Soup”  sent you over because she took a Tylenol PM.