Comfort food

Today was downright dreary... it was rainy and chilly, the kind of weather that inspires laziness.  I'm happy to report that there have been no further snake or centipede sightings within the walls of our house.  I did, however, pull two ticks off of The Boss this morning, so I can't say that the day … Continue reading Comfort food

Soup makes soup!

In an attempt to counteract the Arctic chill that has descended upon Maryland, I made Ham Bean Soup this weekend. Most people would simply report that and move on. I, however, have turned it into an ENTIRE BLOG POST - complete with photos and commentary - over at My Grandma's Recipes. I have to report, … Continue reading Soup makes soup!

Gettin’ my Amish on… kinda.

Yesterday, Tropical Storm Hanna came ripping up the east coast, bringing rain and wind and causing us to remain indoors with NO SCHEDULED ACTIVITIES. This is a highly unusual occurrence for our family. If we're not travelling, the kids have activities, and when they don't, it's the neverending struggle of them playing video games and … Continue reading Gettin’ my Amish on… kinda.