Independence Day

Happy Independence Day from Bubta, The Boss and Peezer! Speaking of independence: Remember Lori? She's in Afghanistan now, and she has posted recently of the fine work the USO does for our troops. One cool example is they will record you reading a book to your child, then send the video and the book home … Continue reading Independence Day

Time passages

The Boss "graduated" from 5th grade last week! The 5th grade promotion ceremony is a Very Big Deal at our elementary school.   Three days before, The Boss announced that he wanted me to cut his hair very short - not a buzz cut like his brothers, but short.  So we started with this - and ended … Continue reading Time passages

Make new friends and keep the old… is silver and the other's gold. That's how the song goes, anyway. We used to sing it at girl scout meetings when I was but a wee lass.  These words have been repeating in my head ad nauseum for a few weeks, because next weekend I'm heading back to college to reunite with the … Continue reading Make new friends and keep the old…