THINGS ARE PROCEEDING APACE here at Casa de Soup. Yesterday, the insurance adjuster came to see things. It sounds like he's willing to coordinate with the estimates provided by the restoration / repair company. Meanwhile, I have to prepare a list of contents we lost and the replacement value of each. So, I've been Googling … Continue reading Escape

Weekend in PA

THANKSGIVING WEEKEND for us was a mix of longstanding traditions and new experiences.  We began our favorite weekend of the year with our traditional Thursday morning drive north, complete with all 18 minutes of Arlo Guthrie's Alice's Restaurant. Thanksgiving wouldn't be Thanksgiving unless my kids suffer through this tradition! After a fantastic mid-day dinner at my … Continue reading Weekend in PA

We Do Dewey Beach

WE SPENT LAST WEEK in Dewey Beach, Delaware. It was a typical beach week - I wore nothing but plastic shoes and never bothered with makeup. The kids stayed up late and slept in. We made it down to the beach each afternoon and stayed till after the lifeguards dragged their stands up to the … Continue reading We Do Dewey Beach