It’s an opportunity

I dropped by my office last week - first time in a month. It was empty, save for one other coworker. I looked at my wall calendar, still on the March page, and realized that we are five months into this thing with telework as a New Normal. I realize not everyone can telework. I … Continue reading It’s an opportunity

Rosie’s Memoirs: Cars Part II

Here's the rest of my mom's memoirs concerning all the cars she drove over the years. You guys, I think she was way more into cars than most women of her day! Bracketed [ ] items are my additions: There was a Studebaker in which your dad changed the transmission from automatic to standard, no … Continue reading Rosie’s Memoirs: Cars Part II

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

I HAVE STARTED THREE BLOG POSTS since my last one, and all of them have gone stale in my drafts folder. Yet, the urge to write does strike me occasionally, and this week it smacked me upside the head as if to say, here's your next post. A year ago this month, I was dealing … Continue reading The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree