Day Five

Tuesday: Slight miscalculation. Both the Nürburg castle and the Ringwerks amusement area (go-karts) were closed today. Oops. So, we set off to explore the region again. First stop was Trier, settled forever ago by the Romans, where we toured two fabulous churches and the Porta Nigra. We found ourselves in the town’s pedestrian shopping area, and grabbed lunch from a vendor – I had frites which were great.

Observation: Each town seems to have a pedestrian-only shopping area, all cobblestoned and inviting. I could browse these areas for hours, and I don’t consider myself to be a shopper. Perhaps in America we decided it was better to enclose all of our shops inside a mall, where we drive and park and then go inside, but I don’t agree. The German way is much lovelier. And I say that even though we didn’t have ideal weather.

Then we said, what the heck, and drove to Luxembourg! A bonus country! We parked and walked aaaalll the way down to the bottom of the old city wall, then back up. I was sure I would perish. Once at the top I had needs: a bathroom, and a drink. I was squinting to read a restaurant’s hours and had just figured out that it didn’t open for at least half an hour when the owner stuck her head out and said, you look like you could use a drink – we aren’t open yet but come on in and I’ll get you something! So we did, and it was lovely. Kim was an angel, sent from above.


We got back into the car and Google GPS sent us down a narrow cobblestoned hairpin switchback to a dead-end! Seth hopped out and, along with a lovely British couple who happened upon our predicament, guided Steve as he executed a 27-point turn (I exaggerate) to get us back up the path and onto an actual roadway so we could be on our way.


Steve and I dropped the boys at the hotel, and ventured out for what ended up being an underwhelming Italian dinner at a cute restaurant not far from Nürburg. The “bolognese” on my gnocchi seriously tasted like the sauce on Chef Boy-Ar-Dee canned ravioli. Now, I love me some canned ravioli, but not at a restaurant.