Day Seven

Thursday: Steve and I made coffee in the apartment, then ventured out for breakfast this morning before the boys were up. While out, we stopped at a pharmacy and to see if we could pick up some Ibuprofen and a little more Benadryl (we had all been taking it to help manage sleep with the jet lag). We told the pharmacist we were impressed with his remarkably good English, barely an accent. He thanked us and said he learned from watching movies; he had visited the US (Texas) only once.

He brought us a box of Ibuprofen – 400 mg tablets, versus the 200 mg available here – and had to look up Benadryl because they don’t have that brand name – when he realized it’s diphenhydramine, he said oh, we use that for sleep, not allergies. Interesting. Those tablets were 50 mg instead of our 25 mg.

By now, it had started to rain. Went back to the apartment to round up the boys, then took the UBahn to the SBahn to visit the Documentation Center Museum at the Nazi Party Rally Grounds. We also saw the Zeppelin field, and the boys went up to the box and stood where Hitler addressed crowds of followers. It was 37 degrees and rainy and windy, and I discovered that my winter coat was not entirely waterproof. The fact that I clocked over 14,000 steps in that weather is proof of the depth of my love and devotion to my kids. But, the older boys really wanted to see Nazi stuff, so we made it happen. And they were fascinated by the museum. Took the streetcar the whole way back to the apartment; dried off and napped.

We ventured out for dinner, a traditional German meal in a historic restaurant. On the way back, we walked to our apartment by way of the old city wall that ran behind our street. Along that street were ladies in the windows! The boys thought the red lights along the wall “looked cool” and it took them a minute to realize what the red lights were actually for.

Mother of the year. Hey; they needed to see it sometime, right?

Tomorrow morning: Up early, off to Amsterdam.