I don’t think that’s really a word, but whatever, there it is, and I figure after one year of blogging, I am entitled to make up new words every once in a while. (So there.)

March 8, 2008 was the day I started this crazy thing, and it’s been a fun and rewarding exercise. It blows me away that people whom I have never even met in person actually come here to see what I’m up to. Thanks, one and all, for the visits, the support, and especially the comments. You guys totally rock!

In honor of the occasion, I changed my main page header. I also intend to sort through my posts and collect a sort of my “greatest hits” (such as they are) – a Soup Is Not A Finger Food Clif Notes, if you will.  Watch for that later this week, maybe over the weekend.

Till then, raise a glass in my honor, would you?

Bloggy hiatus: See you next week!

Well, the fateful day has arrived. Actually, it’s the day before the fateful day, but there’s a lot to do between now and tomorrow. Why? Because tomorrow, Soup Husband Curt and I are leaving behind our three lovely sons, two annoying squalor-causing beloved pets, and arming Curt’s parents with a ream fifty-two five pages of notes and instructions on the Safe and Efficient Operation of Our Household.

And then we are turning off our cell phones, stepping away from our computers, assuming pseudonyms, and disappearing for a few days, because on October 2, 1993, we up and got hitched, and lived to tell about it, and in fact are all the better for it, and if that’s not worth running away to celebrate, then I don’t know what is.

Tomorrow, we’ll be all:

Continental Boeing 737
Continental Boeing 737

…. and all:

… and finally, all….

…oh yeah, and all:


See you crazy kids next week!

Calling all Vegas buffs: Your input needed!

Hey hoh! Where ya gonna go?
Well, I’m goin’ to Vegas
Hey hoh! Where ya gonna go?
Well, I’m goin’ to Vegas, Nevada
To raise the game I’ve got to get to Vegas
Hey hoh! Where ya gonna go?

–Jimmy Ray, “Goin’ To Vegas”

(Hey, who you callin’ a ‘ho??)

Next week, my awesome husband and I will observe the 15th anniversary of our nuptials. I am not sure how this is possible, given that I am still only 27 years old. Nevertheless, it isn’t everyone who lasts for 15 years, and we figure we ought to celebrate… three time zones away from our delightful children.

That’s right, we’re stuffing our carry-ons and heading to Sin City for a few days. While there, we plan to do some things, and see some stuff, and we have some ideas, but we sure could use some itinerary assistance.

Here’s what I need to know: what should we NOT miss while we’re there? We have three whole days, plus the night we arrive, to go undercover, don virtual wigs, pretend we have no real responsibilities, and act like idiots.

YOU: I don’t get it. They always act like idiots. Who’s wearing a wig again?


I’ve been there before, with other females, and I have a few ideas about things I’d like to see again and share with my man. But HE has not ever been there, and this, friends, is a cosmic wrong that needs to be righted, for HE is a Vice Man, and there’s plenty of vice to go around in Las Vegas.

I will tell you this: In general, we’re not big SHOW people (we have already ruled out Cirque de Soleil and Mama Mia!) and we’re novice gamblers. We do like live music.  And – not for nothing – we’re not made of money, y’all, so cheap or free suggestions earn you extra points. Or something.

So, please, leave a comment to share your quirky, offbeat, different, maybe even risque (!) suggestions. Or if you’d rather, email me directly at soupisnotafingerfood (at) gmail (dot) com. THANKY!