Hey you crazy kids, I’m unplugging for a few days. Not by choice, it’s just that I’m going to be someplace where there really isn’t any internet.  Or it’s there but you have to go looking for it. I dunno how those people live there.  And have I mentioned, really no cell service either? It’s like the freakin’ 1950s where I’ll be. There are drive-ins and carhops and jukeboxes and “rebels” in leather jackets and girls in poodle skirts, and party lines and cars with fins and…

And when I say “not by choice,” it’s very much my choice to be going where I’ll be. I just wish I could plug in the laptop and connect to the internet. Although a break is probably a good thing. Right?

For both of us.

Anyway. Don’t forget about me, OK? Check back next weekend and I should have updates and stories and fresh blog fodder.

Because stale blog fodder will make you sick.


I’m heading south tomorrow, with my new pal Laurie, who blogs over here. She’s flying in from California, staying overnight chez Soup, then tomorrow we load up the ‘Burb and drive to Virginia Blogfest.

Two chicks in a car? On a roadtrip? Does that remind you of anything?



Oh yeah, we’re a couple of badasses for sure.

Don't mess with badass bloggers!
Don't mess with badass bloggers!

This blog doesn’t write itself, you know


Here it is, Sunday morning (which was one hour shorter than last Sunday morning), almost Sunday afternoon in fact, and the posts I promised are not even halfway written. I could blame Curt for being away this weekend, leaving me to play zone defense with an adult-to-child ratio that is most assuredly not in my favor.

I could blame my own version of adult-onset ADD, which finds me bouncing from task to task, starting many but finishing none.

I could blame my dirty house, because every time I sit down at the computer, some dog-hair tumbleweed or pile of crumbs or empty chip bag or dried-up sugary spill catches my eye and I am forced to clean it up before proceeding.

I could blame Facebook, and Eggbreaker in particular (try it, it’s strangely and stupidly addictive), for holding my attention during what little time I’ve managed to spend online this weekend.

I could blame my muse for up and leaving without notice and I have no idea when she’s coming back. That bitch.

I could blame the above-average temperatures this weekend, which have me throwing open the windows and running around looking for my spray tan-in-a-can because hello? SHORTS!

But those would all be smoke and mirrors, because the reality is really this: It’s the economy, stupid. Because times are tough all around, and we here at Soup Is Not A Finger Food are not immune. While we applaud all the cost-cutting measures you have diligently put into place, the fact remains that we are operating on a deficit budget, and our shareholders are not happy. While we have long viewed staff reductions as a measure of last resort, we are left with no choice but to bring our staffing in line with the reality of our budgetary constraints, and blah blah blah, blahdeblahdeblahhhhh blah blather blaaah BS blah blah, and blah…

That’s right, readers, my staff has been reduced and I am now doing the work of three. I am writing, editing, AND doing all the design work, and we’ve brought the printing in-house, and people, it’s no picnic. The director is a bottleneck.  And did I mention the temporary salary reduction?

OK, you’re right, you’re right. I’m making stuff up in a pathetic attempt to cleverly distract you from the reality that, other than changing my heading and trumpeting about it being my one-year blogiversary, I have written precious little worth reading lately. But don’t stop visiting, please? Because I AM putting together the SINAFF Clif Notes (it’s harder than I thought it would be), and I do have that chocolate review and giveaway that should be rolling out this week. So good things are coming.