Lessons learned

IN THE SPIRIT OF my delightful new pal Tracey, who was a fantastic addition to this year's Chesapeake Bay Blogfest, I'd like to share a few things I learned at last week's Bacchanalia Saturnalia gathering: There is no point in trying to blow-dry or straighten your hair in Mathews, VA in July. Either it's going … Continue reading Lessons learned

Beauty inside

Click to "embiggen" this collage of doors. These are photos I took at one of our tour stops in King and Queen County, Virginia. The white is the farmhouse, and the red is the barn. These shots remind me that even though I might be sprouting invasive vines aging, I still have plenty to give … Continue reading Beauty inside

Life in Mathews: Year One

I'm sending first blogiversary wishes out to my blog buddy, Chesapeake Bay Woman, and not just because she gave me a shout-out in her post, or because she regularly comments here, or because she and I seem to have so much in common (even though she deludedly believes that Harry Connick Jr. is her husband, … Continue reading Life in Mathews: Year One