Haiku Friday

It seems silly to restrict haiku to Thursdays. When the muse strikes, I pay attention, and this morning I experienced seventeen-syllable inspiration during an unusually easy drive to work. If you've ever commuted in the DC area, you know the times when traffic is likely to be heavier or lighter than usual. I would not … Continue reading Haiku Friday

The A Train

I DON’T OFTEN POST ABOUT COMMUTING because I’m trying to attract readers, not repel them. Commuting is the act of getting yourself to and from work. It's usually mundane and unremarkable. In large metropolitan areas, such as the Washington, DC region, we have a subway. It's called Metro. Most days it works. Some days it … Continue reading The A Train


The morning Metro commute consists of a bunch of unspoken rules, protocols that Shall Not Be Violated.  For example, on ascending escalators, always stand to the right and walk to the left. You will be hazed if you stand on the left.  When boarding a train, you must first look for a pair of seats … Continue reading Shush!