Kitchen forensics

DIRTY FRYING PAN AND SPATULA on the stove. SIX (six!) cracked eggshells, perched atop the already too-full countertop compost bin. SLUG-TRAILS of egg-goo criscrossing the stovetop and adjacent counter. ONE ketchup-covered plate, unrinsed, tossed into the sink. The word "EGGS", scrawled onto the magnetic shopping list attached to the refrigerator door, in handwriting that surely … Continue reading Kitchen forensics

Channeling the Grandmas

On Saturday, I had this burning urge to BAKE. Grandma's sugar cookies had been on my brain since I wrote about Pappy... and, since I knew I had all the ingredients in the house, and nothing better to do, I set out to re-create one of my favorite snacks. But baking these sugar cookies is … Continue reading Channeling the Grandmas