Jar of Squalor IV (that’s 4, not intravenous)

I am certain that both of my readers have been wondering what ever happened to the Jar of Squalor. (Weren't you? WEREN'T YOU??) Well, let me tell both of you this: Despite not posting an update since April 18, which referenced photos from April 11, which was like forever a whole month ago, I have … Continue reading Jar of Squalor IV (that’s 4, not intravenous)

The Jar of Squalor

When our oldest son was a baby, he attended a wonderful in-home family daycare. I remember the daycare provider commenting, without hyperbole, that she could feed a third-world country daily on what she swept off of her kitchen floor. I saw her sweep it once. She was right! I was remembering last night as I … Continue reading The Jar of Squalor