Dance Fever

My blog pal Chesapeake Bay Woman wrote about high school dances recently and the length of my comment made it obvious that I needed to devote some space here to my memories of those fine co-ed traumatic  social events from the mid-1980s. So many memories came rushing back as I thought about the dances in junior … Continue reading Dance Fever

Sweet, sweet corn

  Corn ears on white backgroundOriginally uploaded by Oh, dear friends, this photo makes my mouth water.  It also makes me want to double-check my stock of dental floss. Because, seriously, is there anything sweeter in the summer than fresh sweet corn, pulled off the stalk and immediatly placed into boiling water, only briefly, … Continue reading Sweet, sweet corn

The Digitizing of America: Brigantine

Remember the NBC Nightly News series that was called THE FLEECING OF AMERICA?  Well, yesterday, as I was scanning anything in my office that fit on the glass, I was thinking about how I could essentially digitize everything I own and get rid of boxes upon boxes of papers. Instead of heirloom hope chests filled … Continue reading The Digitizing of America: Brigantine