Hockey widow

Soup Husband Curt and his hockey team, the Men of Steel, are in Toronto this weekend at the Hockey North America tournament. He's been looking forward to the getaway - and the chance to play hockey in the Motherland. What hockey nut wouldn't be thrilled to play in the same city as the Hockey Hall … Continue reading Hockey widow

Dressing with my eyes closed

Hi, me again... just checking in to let you know that Soup Husband Curt returned by dinnertime tonight, and in typical guy fashion, I was grilling him for all the details and he was all, "um, yeah, it was good. Tiring but good..."  He did offer this nugget - he's quite certain he chose well … Continue reading Dressing with my eyes closed

Let’s talk sports. Because guys dig that.

I learned years ago that guys like them a girl who can talk some sports.  Once upon a time, I was heavily involved with recruitment for my company, and I found sports to be an effective icebreaker during the elevator ride.  It worked 99% of the time. (There was one guy, a geeky type, who … Continue reading Let’s talk sports. Because guys dig that.