The Goodbye Girl

I HATE GOODBYES. I'm not good at them, especially the ones that I know are of the "permanent" variety. They can be awkward, wrenching, painful. Sad, even. More often than not, they make me cry. And I am not a pretty crier.I tend to avoid goodbyes if I can. I have left more than one … Continue reading The Goodbye Girl

Twelve years ago

TWELVE YEARS AGO TODAY, I dropped a two year old at daycare, checked into the hospital, and just before midnight, THE BOSS came into this world, turning our little family of three into a bigger family of four. Boss is the middle child, and while I have baby and toddler photos galore (though not at my … Continue reading Twelve years ago

Pomp and Circumstance

LAST FRIDAY, Peezer achieved a milestone: He moved the tassel and just like that, he "graduated" from preschool.  The teacher in charge really made a big deal out of it - a bit over the top, maybe, but the kids ate it up and it was really super-cute. They were all  ....and all ...and all … Continue reading Pomp and Circumstance