In hockey, three-on-one means there are three offensive players driving towards the goal with only one other defender between them and the goal. It's not a good spot to be in if you're the netminder. While my husband is away, playing hockey in Toronto, I have been feeling like the outnumbered defenders. So, even though … Continue reading Three-on-one


Well, the long weekend is upon us. Happy Memorial Day! Please remember to thank all the veterans you know for their service to our country.  Their sacrifices for our benefit are truly wonderful. In honor of our veterans, I'm disconnecting the internet, unplugging the computer, walking away from the keyboard. For THE WHOLE WEEKEND. Yes, … Continue reading Disconnected

I’m still here

Crazy-busy-fun weekends are cool! Only problem is, I find myself on Monday mentally triaging the tasks I didn't do over the weekend but should've. You know - there's laundry and the kitchen floor is really dirty again (those oak pollen things get dragged inside and YUK!), still haven't done my taxes, wanted to plant some … Continue reading I’m still here