Dance Fever

My blog pal Chesapeake Bay Woman wrote about high school dances recently and the length of my comment made it obvious that I needed to devote some space here to my memories of those fine co-ed traumatic  social events from the mid-1980s. So many memories came rushing back as I thought about the dances in junior … Continue reading Dance Fever

Uncle Bill’s Store

I have a couple of Uncle Bills. You've already met one of them; today I'm writing about the other one,who is my mom's other sister's husband.  (Try to keep up; I know it's complicated.)  This one is known by nearly the whole rest of the world as "Troupie", and he and his brother owned a country … Continue reading Uncle Bill’s Store

Dear Rick Springfield: Thanks for the traffic!

Rick Springfield @ Hometown Holidays 2008 [CP] Originally uploaded by Daniel </geek> @ Dear Rick: I am writing to you to say thank you. You see, in May, I blogged about how I saw you play at Hometown Holidays in Rockville, MD - a free, community festival (see this awesome photo!), and how you … Continue reading Dear Rick Springfield: Thanks for the traffic!