Duu Yuu Muumuu?

In follow-up to yesterday's post, a friend sent me a commiserating message. She, too, was bemoaning how her clothes don't fit like they used to. She joked that she had been shopping for muumuus. "Where does one shop for muumuus?" I asked, because how the heck would I know?, and she helpfully responded with this link … Continue reading Duu Yuu Muumuu?

Bad-ass gangsta mommy

I get a kick out of driving my Mommobile with gangsta rap turned up way loud. I'll jack up the volume on Coolio or Eazy-E or Notorious B.I.G. every time. Snoop Dogg - classic stuff. Know all the words to Gin 'n' Juice. Wit' my mind on my money and my money on my mind. … Continue reading Bad-ass gangsta mommy