The E-word

Spring, egg-themed picnic! This is the headline from the flyer that came home from The Peezer's preschool. Parents contribute food, drinks, and egg-treats! Wha...? Like, deviled eggs or something? Saturday, April 4! At the big playground! Ohhhhh... wait. I think I get it... Games will include an egg toss, egg-spoon relay, egg roll, and - … Continue reading The E-word

Mixed-up theology

So. Things have calmed down significantly Chez Soup since I flipped out about not having time to blog.  All the pre-Christmas prep was completed more or less on time.  Santa's only real SNAFU was that she he brought an Xbox 360 (which his elves refurbished and resold on eBay) but forgot to procure a game … Continue reading Mixed-up theology